The Story of a group of Outliers

The Story of a group of Outliers

Our Story

Why We Started?

As Africans, we can’t help but feel immense pride in what we have built over the years in our continent, and following the recent boom of Afrobeats and African culture on the global plane, it has become increasingly evident that we still have a lot of work to do within our shores to sustain this traction and position ourselves in our rightful place.

This is what we envisioned at Deelaa, we are on a mission to help amplify and export our entertainment & lifestyle to the world, and how else can we do this if not by powering the players in the space with adequate technology and publicity to ensure they are heard, seen and engaged.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Core Value
Saving the World One Ticket at a time
Saving the World One Ticket at a time.

A subsidiary of SystemSpecs & sister company to Remita, Deelaa is the premier nexus of lifestyle, entertainment & travel services, and the go-to platform for events and ticketing in Nigeria. Our platform allows anyone to create, find, share & attend events that fit what fun & enjoyment means to them, their family & friends.

Deelaa provides fun lovers an ease in accessing fun, lifestyle, and travel from one single platform that makes it simple to find relevant activities and gain access to these activities and locations through ticketing.

We list tickets for the trendiest gigs, festivals, sports, comedy, theater & the arts, conferences, fundraisers, competitions & contests, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle and every other fun event in-between.

Our mission isn’t only to help you create & find the right kind of fun, but to give you new types of fun experiences; with our Deelaa Non-stop Fun Bundles curated to ease your enjoyment lifestyle and Deelaa Parties organized for our community of enjoyment customers. Allow your new favourite ‘Deelaa’ assist you in creating a new definition of fun

“The key to living life is to live life to its fullest” - Sir Jaiye