How do I make a booking?

You can book flights via our online search bar as follows:

  1. Enter your departure city and arrival city.
  2. Select date of travel:
    • One Way Flights – flies you to one location without a return flight.
    • Return Flights – we take you to your intended location and back.
    • Multiple City – flies you to various locations during a single trip.
  3. Select the number of adults, children, and infants.
  4. Select the class of travel.
  5. Click the red button to search for flights.
  6. Review various options and click the "View Deal" button next to your preferred airline, price, and itinerary.
  7. Insert passenger details.
  8. Select any extras you would like.
  9. Follow payment steps, pay, and receive a confirmation email and ticket.

You can also contact us on (phone) or (email) for offline bookings.

Can I make a booking for another traveler that is not me ?
Sure, but please make sure that you input the traveler's name exactly as it appears on his or her passport data page
What are the differences between non-stop, direct and connecting flights?
Non-stop flights will take you straight to your destination without any stops on the way. Direct flights will have a midpoint airport stop whilst on your way to your final destination. Passengers are usually seated in the plane during this midpoint stop.

Connecting flights require passengers to change from one plane or airline to another at a connecting point whilst on their way to their destination.
What does 'Book on Hold' mean?
Book on Hold gives travelers the opportunity to reserve (hold) a seat for 24 hours without making payment. This seat will automatically cancel at midnight that same day.
I have used the wrong prefix (Mr./Mrs.) while making a booking. Can this be changed?
If the airline supports changes we will be happy to effect the change for you. If not, you may have to cancel the booking and rebook again. Kindly contact
My intended itinerary or preferred airline is getting zero results. What should I do?
If this problem persists, it may be that there is no available seating or route with your preferred airline of choice. Kindly contact for more help.
Can I book international events along with my travel ticket?
Sure, you can! While checking out your travel ticket, you will get suggestions for events and entertainment tickets in your destination. Click on the options or visit
I have never made a booking online. Can I trust Deelaa?
Once you book on Deelaa you never go back! We do understand our users may be used to offline purchases therefore our customer service team are more than happy to assist you over the telephone or in person please contact or call us on +234 (0) 7000202020 for more information.
Why do you need my passport data page information?
Travelers traveling to the USA, or on airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Egypt Air, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines will be required to give extra information as follows: passport number, country of issue, passport expiry date, date of birth, gender and nationality.
I want to make a booking for an unaccompanied minor. What do I do?
Kindly contact for more information on unaccompanied minor bookings.
I have a frequent flier number. How can I add it to the booking?
If you have opted for our comfort package we will contact you to add your frequent flier number. If not please send a mail to
Can I book by calling your call center?
Sure, kindly contact (call center) to get assistance with your booking.
Am I guaranteed the lowest fares ?
Of course, Deelaa has put together all the measures to offer the best fares for transportation tickets.
Are international credit cards accepted?
Sure, you can make payment with your debit/credit card on the Deelaa platform.
There are a lot of search results. How do I find the best one for me?
We advise that you check the routes, the stops, the price and other factors that might be relevant to your journey.
If I cancel my booking, does Deelaa Travel refund?
Typically, you would have to contact the airline to get a refund but Deelaa offers assistance with this. Email

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